Component Dynamics offers flexible solutions to meet the individual supply chain needs of your organization. Partnering with us will allow your organization to save time and money that may be reallocated towards core business.


What we do


Component Sourcing

Component Dynamics sources allocated, obsolete, and end-of-life electronic components through several strictly qualified sources. We deliver proven results, delivered on time, with the highest quality standards.

Local Inventory

  • ​We maintain an extensive and up-to-date local inventory of hard-to-find electronic components.

Global Partnerships

  • ​We work closely with our affiliated companies CCI-Europe, CCI-Suzhou, and CCI-Asia to source components from the global market.

OEMs and Franchised Distributors

  • ​We leverage our network of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and verified distributors to provide access to otherwise inaccessible product.

Receive an honest market assessment for the components you’re searching for. 


excess inventory solutions

Component Dynamics specializes in the purchase and sale of excess board level electronic components with over 20 years of experience. We offer three simple solutions to convert your excess inventory into cash for your business.


  • We will offer to buy your excess inventory outright for cash. 

market product worldwide

  • ​We will market your existing inventory worldwide at fair market prices.


  • ​We will store, market, and sell your excess inventory under a consignment contract. ​​

  • ​Consigned product is stored in an ESD compliant warehouse

  • Receive weekly, monthly, or on-demand inventory reporting

  • Consigned product remains under your ownership

Find a solution that will yield the best return on your inventory investment.


Secure Warehousing

Component Dynamics provides dedicated and secure storage for your product in our ESD compliant warehouse. Our focus on sensitive equipment and expensive electronic components guarantees your product will be handled with a high degree of care and made available to you on demand.


  • Product is stored safely and monitored 24/7.

ESD Compliance

  • Product will be stored, shipped, and/or repackaged in an ESD compliant environment.

Strict Shipping Protocol

  • We adhere to strict shipping protocols to ensure safe and delicate handling of unfinished, semi-finished and finished electronic goods.​

Receive the excess storage capacity you need designed specifically for electronic goods.


Fulfillment Services

Component Dynamics guarantees same day shipping for stocked product domestically and worldwide. Our abundant shipping volume allows us to offer highly competitive rates on overnight, 2-day, and ground shipments. Below are several tailored services we offer to tackle the unique logistical needs of your business.

esd packaging

  • Product will be picked, packed, and shipped following ESD anti-static shipping standards for electronic goods.

reverse logistics

  • Streamline your return process by allowing us to manage return, replacement, and warranty shipments for you.

just in time delivery

  • Eliminate delays in lead time, decrease warehousing costs, and meet mission critical delivery deadlines by allowing us to store and ship your product on demand.  

Save time and money on storing, packing, and shipping that may be reallocated towards your core business.