With over twenty years of industry knowledge, logistics expertise, and a global market reach, Component Dynamics is a leading source for allocated, obsolete, and end-of-life electronic components.


Our mission

What we do

We work hard to make it easier for you to do business.

Component Dynamics is a provider of global supply chain solutions specializing in the procurement and handling of hard-to-find electronic components.  Services include electronic component sourcing, excess inventory solutions, secure warehousing, and fulfillment services.  


With over twenty years of industry knowledge we are a leading source for allocated, obsolete, and end-of-life electronic components.  Partnering with Component Dynamics will allow your organization to navigate market shortages and surpluses as well as meet mission critical delivery deadlines with fast reliable and convenient customer service.


Component Dynamics can offer a tailored approach for its logistics customers including forward and reverse logistics, secure warehousing and storage, and rapid fulfillment services to meet just-in-time delivery requirements.


Our mission is to work hard to make it easier for you to do business. We apply this approach to those who choose Component Dynamics as their global partner to source for hard-to-find electronic components, manage their excess inventory, or support their logistics needs.


Partner Benefits

  • 20 + Years of Industry Knowledge

  • Quality Assurance

  • Global Market Access

  • Secure Product Storage

  • ESD Compliance

  • Rapid Order Fulfillment

  • Franchise Distributor Network

  • OEM Relationships

  • Forward & Reverse Logistics


Our global reach

Component dynamics, in partnership with our affiliates CCI Europe, CCI Asia, and CCI Suzhou, maintains a competitive and broad global reach. We source obsolete, allocated, and hard-to-find electronic components by utilizing these trusted partnerships in strategic markets across the globe. Our partners are ISO and ESD certified, maintain in-house vendor rating programs, and follow state-of-the-art laboratory testing procedures for product to ensure quality. Learn more about our partners below.


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